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Depression for lack of money?

We know that retirement is that stage missed by people when we are of working age, safe on more than one occasion, even in jest, we have all said “I should retire” even though we really do not know what this means; we also know that this stage is the moment where the responsibilities with a company are finished and now you can dedicate yourself and your family.

However, it is important to mention that retirement does not start from the moment you no longer work, as everyone believes, in reality, due to its importance and importance in life, it should start some months and even a couple of years before the day arrived.

Retirement, as we know, is limited by the end of work activities.

They were many years and several decades in which you were of service and you offered your knowledge for a particular company and that is why, the rhythm of life to which you were accustomed, has negative psychological effects on you from which you know that the moment to abandon those activities is coming.

Retirement, as I mentioned above, should start long before the time really comes to distance yourself from the routine.

Planning is always a tool in favor and is fundamental for this type of event, since the retreat, far from being a stage, should be seen as a life project as it was done when you decided the career you wanted to study or when You made the decision to start a family.

We should not only think about it when we talk about a pension and the percentage we want to achieve. It is also important to define the plans and projects that we will carry out during the following years.

For example, all people decide that they want to travel, however, the lack of planning often causes them not to realize their plans and then, they begin to feel sad because they have not been able to meet their goals, even when the lack of time no longer It is a pretext.

For this and many more reasons is that depression is one of the diseases that most afflict retired women.

In reality, there are many factors involved in it and that is why it is advisable to seek psychological help as it also becomes a good opportunity to begin to define the plans to follow during this period. That is why, if you start to feel slightly depressed, you should not worry about it and it is better to look for options that help you feel better.

Another of the most recurrent reasons why depression appears during retirement is the lack of money.

If we leave aside the moment in which we are now and we start thinking about the emotions that can be felt during retirement, surely we can think of helplessness, unhappiness, insecurity, and some others.

Now, imagine this coupled with the feeling of feeling that money is not enough and also, think that you have little chance to increase your income.

It is true that depression for lack of money can appear at any age, however, being realistic and from a very objective point of view, it is also true that during retirement there are not many opportunities to work anywhere and make a profit.

That is why you should think of other possibilities to achieve it. How would you do it? Let’s see some possible solutions for depression due to lack of money:

Collaborate in some jobs that generate extra income: We are not talking about returning to work under the same rhythm that you have been for years, in fact, it is the opposite.

You can go to places where you only collaborate some days and for a few hours, for example, as “Staff” in cultural or social events, it is common that when there will be celebrations or specific festivities, staff will be recruited only to be a few hours.

There are also possibilities to do it as “Freelance” depending on the area and industry where you worked during your life. It is common for Accountants, Writers, Journalists, Designers, Photographers, among many other activities to be performed independently to companies.

Use your knowledge and experience to make a profit: Why work with someone if you can do it for yourself? To generate extra profits you do not have to look for other people when your experience and the knowledge that you have obtained for years can be used completely in your favor.

On your own you can start a company in your area of wisdom, this will allow you, in addition, to staying active, continue to produce profits for you and thus, enjoy your retirement without economic constraints.

On the other hand, remaining productive within your industry will force you to stay updated on important issues.

Apply for a loan to finance your projects: If you find it a little strange and impossible to apply for a loan when you no longer work for a company, we want to tell you if there is a possibility of doing so.

Uswings loan can be an option to finance the projects that you had planned previously and that due to the lack of money you could not get going.

From knowing another country, investing in a company or putting your own business, all these actions are possible when you have the opportunity to access financing that trusts you.

So, now you can enjoy your retirement!

Do not let the negative emotions influence your life and better, turn them around with a loan that besides financing your projects, will keep you active and motivated every day.

Look for a credit option that suits you but above all, that does not affect the payment of your pension.

Remember that finance is a matter of administration, that is why the more you learn about the subject, everything will be reflected in your pockets. Apply for the credit that will give you more freedom every day.

How does the loan for the self-employed differ from a normal installment loan?

Basically, the loan for self-employed is an installment loan, it is repaid monthly with repayment and interest at a constant rate. The essential distinction lies in the fact that higher entry requirements must be met. This applies above all to the minimum income, any guarantees or guarantees and proof of income. Instead of proving the last three months by bank statements and pay statements, BWA, income tax assessment notices, income statements or income-surplus accounts are required. This usually results in lower credit sums and shorter terms in practice, as banks value the default risk higher.

Is it less easy for self-employed people to receive favorable credit terms due to their irregular income? 

The fact is that only selected banks are open to the self-employed and freelancers at all and offer them private loans without a purpose. On the one hand, the barriers to a minimum income, collateral and the like are higher. On the other hand, the credit check also takes more time, as much more documents must be reviewed and evaluated. If you can provide a guarantor or have attachable collateral, this disadvantage can be partially offset. The fact remains, however, that self-employed people always have to reckon with certain interest premiums and these are due even when the income is far above average.


Are there alternatives to the self-employed loan if I own real estate?

Are there alternatives to the self-employed loan if I own real estate?


In this case, there is an alternative in the form of the so-called modernization loan. Banks hereby finance repairs or renovations to their own home. As proof, they require a land register excerpt or tax declarations. And although such a loan is earmarked for just such a “modernization”, you do not have to provide any further proof of the use of the money. At the same time, you receive preferential conditions and can, for example, finance business acquisitions. It is also irrelevant that the property is still burdened by a mortgage at the same time or you still finance them. Only ownership alone is sufficient as a prerequisite for the modernization loan.

Is there a loan for self-employed without inquiry at the SCHUFA?

Is there a loan for self-employed without inquiry at the SCHUFA?


Basically, loans are granted without SCHUFA, regardless of the occupational group. The requirements for proof of income and possible collateral are practically identical because only income and credit rating are assessed independently of scoring values. If your file contains “hard” negative features, such as enforcement measures or affidavits, you will not be able to obtain funding in a “normal” way.

The self-employed are at a disadvantage because of the lack of reliable income. A loan without SCHUFA they get at most from private. If their overall economic situation is good, they can hope for a loan in spite of SCHUFA, in which the current circumstances are rated higher than the credit history.

Do I have to prove my income in such detail? Are not collateral sufficient?

A loan for self-employed persons without proof of income is excluded. Banks assess both the income situation and the recoverable collateral that may need to be pledged. For this, they are legally required. It is therefore not possible, even with the appropriate credit rating, to apply for a loan solely on the basis of extensive collateral.

Is the loan tied to a specific purpose?

Is the loan tied to a specific purpose?

There are no restrictions on use for top 3 personal loans for bad credit with monthly payments. They can use the money for both professional and private purposes to compensate for defaults.

Are there any processing fees or other costs?

For some time, processing fees are no longer common and also prohibited by the highest court. Very well, but additional costs may apply. For example, for a loan loss insurance, which requires a bank of you before granting credit. In addition, guarantees can increase the effective cost of borrowing.

How does the loan comparison at FinanceScout24 affect my SCHUFA?

Basically, you have to differentiate between two types of SCHUFA queries for loans. In the first case, the feature “request credit terms” is stored, it is completely neutral and is stored for only ten days. That’s what happens when you compare FinanceScout24 and a loan request. If you subsequently receive an offer and accept it, so the credit comes off, the feature “request credit” is saved. Only then does the loan also affect your SCHUFA score.

My self-employment does not exist for three years. Can I still get a loan as a self-employed person?

My self-employment does not exist for three years. Can I still get a loan as a self-employed person?

Most banks require a self-employment of at least two or three years. Accordingly, you are demanding income tax assessments and financial statements for the past two years and a viable business concept. As a start-up entrepreneur, you can, for example, benefit from state promotional banks or microcredit institutions. These grant smaller amounts of credit partly without guarantees and guarantees. Alternatively, there is still the variant on the second borrower but must meet all other requirements.

From when do I apply at all as a self-employed person or freelancer?

At first, banks differentiate between traders, ie the self-employed and the freelancer. You are considered to be a trader if you have a trade license or are registered in the commercial register as a businessman. As a freelancer, you belong to the “liberal professions”, for example as a doctor, lawyer or tax consultant. What exactly is meant by this is regulated in § 18 EStG and § 1 PartGG? You must not depend on a single customer (at least three clients), the turnover of a single customer may not exceed 5/6 of your total sales. If the customer is a single client, the legislature speaks of “false self-employment”.

Which documents do I have to submit?

Which documents do I have to submit?



Submitted are various documents that represent a repayment guarantee for the lender. The lenders have different requirements that must be met in the case of a loan for the self-employed. The documents are usually a business evaluation, a revenue and surplus account or a profit and loss account, the last three bank statements as proof of regular income and possibly an income tax return. In addition, there must be no negative SCHUFA entry. If you are already self-employed, you must prove that you have been self-employed for two years.

Are interest rates and fees for self-employed persons higher?


How interest and processing fees will vary depends on the particular lender. Some providers drastically increase the self-employed processing fees, others make no distinction between employees and the self-employed, as long as repayment seems safe. Therefore, make sure to inquire before signing a contract hastily.

As a self-employed person, do I have other rules on installment payments?

As a self-employed person, do I have other rules on installment payments?


To make it easier for you, even as a self-employed person, to better plan the payment, the monthly amount of the installment and the term of the loan are contractually agreed. This is important for both sides. The self-employed knows exactly how much money he owes the lender monthly. No more and no less.

What happens if I can not pay the installments anymore?

What happens if I can not pay the installments anymore?



The risk of default is higher for self-employed than for employees, you have to expect. Your installment is contracted, so you have to pay the monthly sum. For example, if payments from your customers are still pending and you can not fully pay the monthly installment, talk to your lender. Lower rates may be agreed. Even if you have received orders for the coming month but currently cannot raise the money for the installments you only have to go to the bank: If you have paid properly before your installments may be a one-time suspension of the rate in question. Or you can find someone to vouch for you until you can pay yourself again. If there is no money left, insolvency has to be registered.

When do I need credit insurance?

A credit insurance is required if you want to protect yourself from any eventuality that could lead to a default of the loan payment. Especially for self-employed credit insurance is interesting even if it means an additional burden. The insurance protects against occupational disability, unemployment, and death. Inquire before and decide for yourself. Do not get credit insurance from your lender if you do not want them.

When is it credit fraud?

When is it credit fraud?


It is a credit fraud when there is an act of deception. This has happened when incorrect or incomplete information has been provided in the presentation of economic circumstances. According to § 265b of the Criminal Code, a deception is punishable and is sentenced to a fine or imprisonment for three years. It is economic crime. Getting a loan for the self-employed is a difficult process. But even if it does help you get a loan, you should never file false or modified records. They make themselves punishable!


Capital of the world: Bilbao

Capital of the world: Bilbao

Bilbao looks neat and beautiful and is more proud than ever to have reinvented itself. In the last year competition has come to the Guggenheim (if that is possible) with new boulevards and squares, unique buildings and more equipment. The walk of Abandoibarra , Alhóndiga Bilbao , the Euskadi square -with the Iberdrola tower as the new icon of the city-, the Bilbao Arena and the pelota court, in Mirivilla; the tram, more metro stations … are the plan to attract not only more visitors to the city, but also to convince young professionals, inside and outside of Bilbao, to stay and live there.

The capital of Vizcaya wanted to be placed on the world map thanks to architecture and has achieved it. Now, the managers of the city intend to take advantage of urban transformation to be a reference in technology and creativity. After winning the Lee Kwan Yew Award, considered the Nobel Prize for urbanism, now seeks to become the village of knowledge. His new motto is “the smart city”.

Among the rusted irons of a steel crisis, which put 30% of its population unemployed, and floods in the floods in 1983, Bilbao found the philosopher’s stone to be reborn and become a model of urban recovery that makes school in the world. It is known that the alchemist with the power to transform titanium into gold is called the Guggenheim Museum. Few people in Bilbao recognize it now, but in 1997, hardly anyone believed in this magnet, which attracted almost one million visitors in 2010. Why throw money at a museum if what was needed was employment? But the industrial monoculture of steel was already unrecoverable: the blast furnaces and the shipyards had become obsolete, the overwhelming Southeast Asia was replacing the heavy industry in Europe and no company wanted to settle in a city that was a real junkyard. “You have to be honest: the environment was not our concern at all. The urgency was to get a job. And we knew that in the future I would be in the services. We had to change all our physical chassis to become a postindustrial city, “explains Ibon Areso, first deputy mayor. He is a trained architect, but only a block of flats next to the Gordoniz bridge bears his signature. However, all the Bilbao of the last twenty years has the imprint of this politician, who already participated in the first plan of urban planning.

Although the environment was more a path than an end, the regeneration and cleansing of the Nervión is one of the greatest successes of the plan that was born in 1979, when the estuary went to the faecal waters of a million people and the detritus of Hundreds of heavy industries. Bilbao, like the Olympic Barcelona did with the sea, has opened to the estuary and if then animal life was nonexistent in its waters, now oxygen levels are around 60%, and have returned the seabass, the gilthead sea bream , the sole or the crabs. And the people of Bilbao, for the first time in generations, return to bathe in the estuary (although it is not yet allowed, due to the danger of the tides), like the almost 500 triathletes that in May covered the section between the bridge of Deusto and the one of the City council.

Frank Gehry’s Guggenheim stood on the grounds of the Bilbao Wood and Tar Society. “I was against spending money that we did not have in a pretty shell. I recognize my mistake, “explains Mikel Feijoo, owner of the Skunkfunk fashion brand. But if we had not had the economic concert and the ability to manage our money, the change would have been impossible. “

Then the palace of congresses and music signed by Federico Soriano and Dolores Palacio emerged from a dock in the Euskalduna shipyard. Now, new creatures of glass and concrete look out over the estuary to the amazement and envy of other municipalities that have tried to imitate the miracle and have stuck the bump.

In this area, there are hardly any vestiges of what were prosperous heavy industries and then urban waste. “Neither wish, it was a time of great decadence and sadness,” says José Luis Sancho, a retiree who contemplates the summer sunset with his eyes on the tiger that crowns one of Deusto’s buildings. Of the shipyards subtract a dike, some boats and the Carola crane, which are part of the Maritime Museum. “I’m fifty-something and I’ve lost the landscape of my childhood. Bilbao had a very strong industrial identity, you saw the physical work of the people, the shipping company, the ships, you heard the sirens … I still dream about that. 150 years of industrial history have disappeared “, longs Ernesto del Río, director of the Bilbao Film Commission, but, in return, the city hosts some seventy films a year, including advertising, television series and documentaries.

So lost the industrial references, we must look at the facade of the Euskalduna Palace, blue granite and rusty steel, which recalls the interior of the last ship that was built in the shipyard and has runways, like ships. Its architects baptized it as “the ghost ship of Wagner” and with the assembly of this opera celebrated its tenth anniversary last year. From the Euskalduna starts the Abandoibarra avenue, which reaches the Guggenheim. In the space occupied by the train tracks, the port sheds and the docks, a riverside promenade with lime trees, colorful jacarandas, begonias and very little Atlantic palm trees has been created.

From the botxo to the skyscraper

From the botxo to the skyscraper

A gentle slope ascends from Abandoibarra to the new Iberdrola tower, the work of the Argentine-American architect César Pelli, who also signs the planning plan for this area and is also the author of the Petronas towers of Kuala Lumpur. The tower of Iberdrola is the new roof of Bilbao, a triangular prism with curved faces of 165 meters and 41 floors, the fifth of Spain in height. It has a nice entrance atrium where olive trees and aromatic shrubs have been planted and its axis faces, like the prow of a ship, towards Elcano Street and Moyúa Square, from where the most important roads on the left bank of the Nervión depart. From its heliport the 360 ​​degrees of the city are covered , a botxo (hole) surrounded by mountains, which are the ones that mark the authentic skyline of Bilbao. To the east and to the south are the grids of the neighborhoods of Abando and Indautxu; to the northwest, Deusto; to the southwest, the stadium of San Mamés, with its characteristic arch that supports the main grandstand and, in front of it, a large lot where machines already work to build a new football cathedral with a capacity for 53,000 spectators. It is expected that it can host the first encounters of Athletic in the 2013-2014 season, although it will not be totally finished until 2015, when the last grandstand is built. The arch – one of the symbols of Bilbao before the arrival of the Guggenheim – will disappear and it is still unknown if it will be used for a future footbridge that links the island of Zorrozaurre with Sarriko.

The displacement of the stadium, which will be closer to the estuary, will allow the Ensanche to be extended. There will be new road accesses and the technological campus of the University of the Basque Country is already being built, one of the pillars of this new Bilbao that seeks “excellence and intelligence”.

Concrete with signature  

Concrete with signature  

  And if in Athletic there is no player that is not from Euskadi or from the Basque influence areas, Bilbao has chosen the opposite road for its urbanism and architecture. The names that sign the great projects have been sought among the most distinguished of international architecture, to the despair of local architects. Ibon Areso has it very clear: “We are in a brand society, when a child wants some shirts, wants some Adidas or some Nike. That we have a meter designed by Norman Foster brings us more congresses of dentists than if it were not. ” Thus, architects for public projects are chosen without competition and private developers “are pushed a little”. “For Abandoibarra we made a list of 30 architects from here and abroad. In the contract of sale of land specified that they had to choose between those 30 names, “says Areso.

The tower of Pelli is flanked by two separate residential buildings by Carlos Ferrater (at around 7,000 euros per square meter) with a metal structure. Next to it, following the curve of the new Euskadi square, is the Artklass, 190 luxury homes by the Luxembourger Rob Krier that have around twenty different façades, with arches, bay windows, friezes, caryatids and more than a hundred types of windows. A colorful and delirious interpretation of the classic buildings of the Ensanche. They have been very successful, although they are sold from 8,000 euros per square meter. In one of its domes, a phrase, in Basque, of the astronomer and mathematician Johannes Kleper “the impossible with effort is achieved”, is a statement of principles of this Bilbao reinvented.

Jean Nouvel has fallen from the list of glittering architects who were going to work in the city. He had to build some houses in front of the Alhóndiga that the crisis has taken ahead. “But this is 2% of the architecture that is done in Bilbao, and in all those buildings local architects have participated, so there is no loss of work, another thing is that they do not sign the projects”, assures the first deputy mayor .

Going from Plaza Euskadi to the Guggenheim, two Prizker prizes, shoulder to shoulder, display an austere and elegant architecture. The auditorium of the University of the Basque Country, by Álvaro Siza, has been accompanying Rafael Moneo’s new library of the University of Deusto for less than a year. The first, of white marble and gray tiles, and the other, of translucent pavés and rounded corners, contrast vividly with the rusty steel of the lights of the promenade, which sparkle with the sun that falls in Deusto, opposite.

This sunset, along the avenue of Abandoibarra there are many tourists, but above all the people of Bilbao enjoy it, who walk, run, play in the playgrounds, take advantage of the benches with pedals or slumber. And if the slander topic assures that there is little bonding in Bilbao, there are the couples jogging on the bridges and the grass to deny it.

After the Guggenheim, in front of the Uribitarte promenade, and at the foot of the Zubizuri footbridge, in Calatrava, the Japanese architect Arata Isozaki has erected two 82-meter-high, 23-storey glass buildings that conserve part of the façade of the Franco Deposit of Bilbao. Isabel is an architect and lives on the 19th floor of the north tower and sees no problems of privacy or air conditioning in a house practically all glass – “I have hardly turned on the heating in winter” -. It certainly helps that your house is oriented to the west. But the lamps, alas, cause annoying reflections in the glass and have had to put low lights on the floor. With theatricality, play with Japanese panels that allow you to cover or discover the landscape at the foot of the towers. “It’s contradictory, because I do not defend architecture in height – it’s clear that it’s not a fan of Pelli-, but I love living in a tower.” However, this singularity has its tolls : the access stairs, which run along the facades, must remain lit all night. A quirk of the Japanese architect to see the buildings, explain the neighbors.

Not all the transformation goes through the banks of the Nervión. In the center parks have been rehabilitated, a score of streets are pedestrian and there are plenty of terraces where the ladies maintain the healthy habit of going out to snack with their friends.

“Pedestrianization has done a lot of good for commerce,” explains Jorge Aio, manager of the merchants association of Bilbao Centro. Four years ago the tourist was someone who appeared from time to time and now they are a target. ” Javier López Oleaga, 74 years old, points out, in his charcuterie on Ledesma Street, which used to be “a street junk for which there was no room for an umbrella” and now has tables and flower beds. This trade opened in 1904 and has gone from groceries and alpargatas to selling the best delicatessen in the town, although they still roast peanuts daily, as they did a century ago.

The underground key

The underground key

Nobody wanted the metro 15 years ago, so if Bilbao is small (it does not reach 42 km 2 ) and you can walk everywhere, they said. Building it was a strategic decision. “It’s not just a comfortable transport. The village is very small (it has about 356,000 inhabitants) and a city must have a critical mass to have activities of a certain scale. The metro has given cohesion to the metropolitan area, “explains Ibon Areso.

Norman Foster became the first celebrated architect to plant work in the new Bilbao. The entrances to the suburban that the British designed, the fosteritos , mark, for now, 39 stations that connect the whole metropolitan area, from Plentzia or Santurtzi to Basauri. “A million people living in 30 different municipalities have begun to understand that they share problems and solutions. The subway helped to forge the spirit of community and two years later the Guggenheim reinforced the pride of belonging, “says engineer Alfonso Martínez Cearra, general director of Bilbao Metropolis 30, an association of public and private entities that works to generate ideas for the long term that inspire other organisms, such as Bilbao Ría 2000, in charge of developing the projects.

Almost in the center of the botxo , in the neighborhood of Indautxo, the stroller encounters one of the last creatures lit in the Biscayan capital: Alhóndiga Bilbao. The baroque Philippe Starck has intervened in an old wine warehouse with an unusual containment, and the result is prodigious. A building of 40,000 square meters (almost double the Guggenheim) in the heart of the city houses a library, media library, exhibition halls, gym, swimming pools, movie theaters, restaurants (with menus made with local products, vegetarians, coeliacs and diabetics, in the line of social inclusion that their managers defend) and a charming terrace with a type of bar that until now only existed in some hotels. The 43 columns of the atrium, all different, the work of the scenographer Lorenzo Baraldi, support three brick cubes with cultural and sports facilities. The atrium communicates with the surrounding streets, and the strollers wander as if they were in an open-air plaza. “This is life”, proudly proclaims María Ángeles Egaña, its CEO. No wonder, the building was inaugurated in May 2010 and 3,500,000 visitors have passed through it. Only the media library makes 1,000 loans a day. To this building, thought to give service to a neighborhood so far lacking libraries or public gyms, neighbors from all over Bilbao and from outside the city.

Unamuno, with the socarronería typical of this land said that “the whole world is a little bit bigger Bilbao”, and the village, although still small, has grown to Miribilla with new houses on the old iron mines. There, the Bilbao Arena, the basketball court of the Bizkaia Bilbao Basket, the work of the Spanish studio ACXT, authors of the new San Mamés, and the new Fronton Bizkaia, the largest in Euskadi, made of concrete and black slate by Javier, have been erected. Gaston And even religious architecture becomes modern, as seen in the parish of Santa María Josefa, also in Miribilla, by local architects IMB, with a bell tower that lights up at night. To the side, the degraded neighborhood of San Francisco, hopes that the trenches of the train will be buried to connect with the city, one of the great pending subjects.

Dazzle the young

Dazzle the young

Bilbao already has a beautiful stage, pride of own and envy of strangers, and now? “Regenerating urban port land is a child’s game compared to what we have ahead of us,” explains Alfonso Martínez. When changes occur in historical cycles, people have time to adapt, but when they are induced in 10 or 15 years, those who were before we can not get to understand them and we have to pass the baton “. Because of this, and because of the large corporations can not trust (Madrid is “a great vacuum cleaner” that has already taken the headquarters of BBVA or technology companies such as Panda Security), the next challenge for Bilbao is to dazzle the self-employed. Hence,

initiatives such as Eutokia, a social innovation center that connects young artists, economists, sociologists, engineers … to share knowledge and experiences and find new ways. Mikel Feijoo, member of Eutokia, explains that “the value is in the ideas” and that lost the ability to “live to make products”, there is no other “to create a city brand and give facilities to settle in it”. Get a brand … that’s the point. That is why the town opts to be the world capital of design in 2014, in dispute with Cape Town and Dublin.

Bilbao has invested a fortune in getting a friendly city. 500 million euros will cost the new accesses to the city, the burial of the train, the technological campus, San Mamés Barria, and the regeneration of the bus station, according to the deputy general of Vizcaya, José Luis Bilbao (PNV). Now, in times of crisis, the city needs to amortize the investment and be, in addition to being beautiful, an “intelligent city”.

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Know your total energy expenditure: physical activity


The components of expenditure by physical activity

The components; Does physical activity have “components”? Yes, or at least that’s the way it likes to be recognized among the purists who address these issues. In this way taking a bit of the radish for the leaves the experts recognize on the one hand the expense derived during the sports practice or the exercise carried out to maintain the physical form and; on the other, the energy consumed in the activities of daily life that they call: thermogenesis by activity not related to exercise . That is to say, that according to them one can and must distinguish between sports spending and that of everyday life, that is, the one that refers to that produced during working hours, going shopping, walking or cycling … and even chew gum (do you remember the chewing gum and its influence when losing weight ?)

How much does physical activity influence total spending?

At this point it is important to emphasize and make clear that it is precisely this expense, the derivative of physical activity, either sporting or daily, the only one over which you have an important control . That is, you can control what you move or do not move when it comes to doing more sport or when having a more or less relaxed or moved life .

When quantifying it in general figures, this data is tremendously variable as can be seen from considering different people based on the physical activity they perform daily. Thus, in a very generic way , it is estimated that the expense due to physical activity can range from 100 kcal / day in extremely sedentary people (in continuous rest I would say) to 3,000 kcal / day in especially active people.

Elements that affect spending by physical activity

Image result for physical activityThe main one of them is the body size , especially the relative to the muscular mass, to more muscular mass, more expense . It is like comparing the consumption of two engines both at 150 km per hour but one of them with much more displacement than the other. The larger displacement will consume more, then the same with muscle mass.

And all this influences to consider that in general lines the expense for physical activity is higher in males than in females (due to the greater proportion of muscular mass) and that it also declines with age when lean mass also declines.

You spend more when you do sport and also, sitting, after doing it

Good news that results in the benefits of sports activity. I explain. It is clear that between two people virtually identical, one doing sport and the other does not, the first will spend more calories than the second while that difference in activity is evident. But what you may not know is that later, when those same two people are sitting in an armchair, the first will continue spending more than the second for a certain time not small for at least 24 hours. This is due to the so-called increase in post-exercise oxygen consumption . It is a “pleasant” side effect that is propitiated after the exercise so that people who have exercised have higher metabolic rates (and therefore more expense) after performing some physical activity.

Estimation of expenditure by physical activity

From here I have to tell you that there is no very accurate way to estimate from mathematical models the expense derived from the practice of a certain physical activity. However, and in order to leave here some practical information suffice it to say that it is estimated that:

  • The sedentary activities are carried out with an approximate cost of 2.5 kcal / min
  • The light activities of 2.5 to 5.0 kcal / min.
  • Moderate activities from 5.0 to 7.5 kcal / min
  • The heavy activities of 7.5 to 10.0 kcal / min and;
  • Very heavy activities of more than 10.0 kcal / min

I feel for these vagueness but it is what there is … maybe you are interested in making the calculations from this type of tables that use more variables such as sex and weight and, moreover, are more specific when cataloging the various activities. With them, with these tables I have estimated that the cost of my person (74 kg) at the time of writing this article has been about 200 kcal .

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Endesa launches the third edition of its mobility plan for employees that facilitates the purchase of electric cars

Image result for Endesa launches the third edition of its mobility plan for employees that facilitates the purchase of electric carsAndalusia and Extremadura represent 15% of sales of electric vehicles to individuals within the Endesa mobility plan


Endesa has launched the third edition of its mobility plan for employees with the aim of repeating the success of previous editions in which 15 percent of the company’s workers in Andalusia and Extremadura have purchased an electric vehicle for private use.

In total, in Spain 274 employees of Endesa have joined the Mobility Plan, which represents about seven percent of sales of the entire national market of electric cars, hence in this third edition is expected to double this figure , according to a company note.

In the first two editions of the Endesa Mobility Plan, vehicles purchased by employees have already traveled more than three million kilometers, avoiding the emission of more than 600 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year.

The new edition of the sustainable mobility plan again includes agreements with different electric car manufacturers, although it is the employee who chooses among the eight models that are being offered. All models are one hundred percent electric, with approved autonomies that already reach more than 300 kilometers in some cases.

The plan allows choosing between the modality of purchase or renting, with everything included (vehicle, maintenance and insurance). In this third edition, two modalities are offered: all-inclusive renting contracts for 24 months or a revolving credit, which means avoiding additional costs and, above all, the possibility of returning the vehicle at the end of the contract to overcome the obsolescence barrier technological

To promote the electric vehicle, the company once again gives preference to electric vehicles in the parking lot of its corporate headquarters and, in addition, participants can again choose an economic incentive given by the company for collaboration in the dissemination of the plan. In this regard, in Andalusia and Extremadura, the company has already installed eight recharging points in its different locations.

The employees will have the support of the project office created from the first edition to attend all requests for information and accompany the employee during the process.

The company also offers its employees and the public in general facilities for the acquisition of a domestic recharging point through the Integral Electric Vehicle Solution that allows the installation, maintenance, warranty and financing thereof.

The mobility plan for employees has been associated since its inception the installation of recharging infrastructure in the main headquarters of the company. Both in the headquarters of Madrid and Seville there is an exclusive parking of electric vehicles with access to emergency semi-rapid chargers. In addition, there is installed (also in Barcelona) a fast charging point, valid for any model of vehicle with which the employee can charge 80 percent of the battery in less than 20 minutes.

The plan is part of Endesa’s strategy to decarbonize the economy, replacing the use of fossil fuels with others of renewable origin. In this process, electricity is fundamental – the electrification of demand – since its final use has zero emissions.

The implementation of this plan and its success among Endesa employees has been recognized in various areas, such as having been selected as a 2016 Climate Project by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment in recognition of its contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions.


In the same strategic framework, Endesa aims for 2019 to optimize and electrify its vehicle fleet. Among the challenges for the next three years stand out triple the number of electric vehicles in the fleet; consolidate the presence of hybrid vehicles, with a percentage higher than 17 percent, and also reduce the combustion fleet by 14 percent. All this will mean a reduction of emissions of ten percent in 2019, compared to 2016.

Since 2010, Endesa has multiplied by four the number of pure electric vehicles used in professional work. Throughout 2017, more units will be added, reaching a hundred electric vehicles at the end of the year. Endesa also has, since 2008, the largest fleet of hybrid vehicles in Spain: 450 units. Each vehicle of these characteristics emits one ton of carbon dioxide less per year than a diesel engine car.

To this is added, in addition, a new plan that has just launched the company to electrify the fleet of vehicles representing their managers. The goal is that in 2020 four out of ten vehicles in this segment are hybrids or one hundred percent electric.

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Repsol will remain in treasury share of the shares owned by Sacyr

85% of banks will refinance half of the construction company’s credit, some 2.4 billion

Time is running out

Time is running out

Sacyr and Repsol had to hold extraordinary councils on Sunday because the situation is unsustainable. At the same time, Sacyr yesterday maintained a tough negotiation with the creditor bank to analyze in extremis all the options that are on the table. Apparently, the terms of the agreement will ensure that banks refinance half (2.446 million euros). The other half will be bought by Repsol, as treasury stock.

At least 85 percent of the banks that granted Sacyr the loan with which they bought 20% of Repsol are willing to refinance the construction company and extend its refund until 2015, according to sources close to the negotiation, Efe reports. That is, the vast majority of banks are in favor of refinancing the loan, although one part, which represents approximately 15 percent of the entities, wants to execute the guarantees and not finance the loan again. Among that 15 percent is an important foreign entity. It is almost certain that the Portuguese banking comes out of the union.

Anyway, the affected company, Repsol, is aware that it will have to come into play and take the reins to some extent, as the situation is unsustainable and the deadline to refinance is tomorrow, day 21.
In fact, both the board of the builder and the oil company talked about the formula that Repsol would keep with 10% in treasury for later, in a short and medium term, give the pass to another shareholder.

Both the directors of Sacyr and Repsol were summoned extraordinarily.

The possibility that takes more strength is for the oil company to keep a 10% package as treasury stock, equivalent to around 2,700 million at market prices. It would be a financial oxygen ball, but above all a mechanism to unblock the situation. In this sense, the oil company has already started a round of contacts to find potential buyers, both industrial and financial, who would enter their capital in a phase of less financial stress and with some type of discount.
However, Repsol will not act definitively until the creditor bank does not specify its position. Financial sources pointed out last night that it was about closing the agreement.

The possibilities of a creditors’ meeting or of the payment dation if the agreement is reached will be discarded. Sacyr is one of the five largest construction companies in the country and if it entered the contest, it would affect hundreds of suppliers throughout the country.

Another option that Sacyr was weighing, selling a package to a third party, is ruled out. The construction group tried to sell a package of between 8% and 10% with a premium of 4 euros to avoid handicaps. Sacyr bought at 26.7 euros on average and Repsol shares closed yesterday at 22.2 euros.

Logically, this route is unfeasible because any buyer interested in the shares would go to the market. In fact, negotiations with the Chinese group Sinopec were definitively broken last Saturday afternoon in the absence of agreement on the price.

The oil group presided by Antoni Brufau is waiting for the final solution, which should be announced today at the latest. He will hold his regular council of the month on Thursday to see how everything is.

In the face of such tension, the treasury stock package of the 10% environment would be taken with a 5% discount on the quotation. One of the essential conditions that Repsol places to act in this sense is that Sacyr breaks the parasocial pact with the Mexican group Pemex .

At the close of this edition, the meeting between the representatives of the creditor bank and the directors of Sacyr followed. And, therefore, the definitive solution to which they were going to arrive between the first shareholder of Repsol and the bank was still not public.

 Repsol buys Sacyr half of its stake in the oil company  Sacyr breaks with Pemex and Repsol buys 10% of the construction company

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Universidad Complutense reinforces transversal competences and double degrees

Image result for double degreeLogroño, Feb 13 (EFE) .- The Complutense University of Madrid (UCM) will reinforce in the 2018-2019 academic year its commitment to the goal that its students acquire transversal competences and double degrees, of which 21 will offer, two more that nowadays.

This has been explained to Efe in Logroño by the Vice Chancellor of Studies at the UCM, Pilar Herreros de Tejada, who considers it important that students have access to transversal skills, such as those related to entrepreneurship, the ability to work as a team, leadership, the capacity for expression and creativity.

He added that, “although all the curricula of the UCM have been accredited guaranteeing the acquisition of transversal competences, it is seen that it is very appropriate to reinforce this acquisition”, which is “important” because there are some students who finish their degree and, for example, they do not have good capacity for expression to defend their ideas.

The vice-chancellor has defended that, in general, the Spanish undergraduate students, in academic content, are better trained than the European average, but in transversal competences they have “a journey to do”.

Herreros de Tejada (Pamplona, ​​1962), linked to Logroño, where his family lives and where he has been practically since he was born, has added that the UCM will increase, one more course, the offer of double degrees, to which they will be added, in 2018-2019, those of Chemistry and Biology and Philosophy and General and Comparative Literature.

The demand for the double degrees is “very high”, according to the vice-chancellor, for whom “a person with a degree and a master can acquire a very good training”, but “the advantage of double degrees is that they offer a wider range in the formation”.

The students who access the double degrees tend to be especially motivated and their ability to exert more, he added, and his data indicate that the cut-off grade with which they are incorporated is usually two points higher than that of the individual degrees. originally.

To this has added that the UCM, for the first time, has offered two integrated degrees and master’s degrees with foreign universities, such as Political Science with a Mention in Human Rights and Social and Political Innovation with the IES of Toulouse (France) and of Law-Laurea Magistrale in Giurisprudenza with the University of Bologna (Italy).

He has acknowledged that these degrees still have a minority character, but he has related that they are “a sample of the growing trend towards studies that offer a structured mobility”.

It has influenced that, in student mobility, Spain registers a lower percentage than the OECD average, but the UCM facilitates this experience because it defends that “the competences developed by the students participating in these programs improve their training and employability. up to 30%. “

Herreros de Tejada has pointed out that other means of student mobility must be developed, such as virtual mobility, which allows many more students to benefit from it.

This Madrid university will offer 162 master’s courses in the next academic year, including some new ones, such as those of Health Biology, Applied Ethics, Audiovisual Translation, Localization and Project Management and Literary Translation.

In addition, it will propose, for the first time, the possibility of taking the Master’s Degree in Teacher Training together with another master’s degree, in order to recognize the student a significant number of credits and in three semesters he can obtain both degrees.

It is “a highly specialized offer in most of the degrees, although some of them are of a more generic nature”, said Herreros de Tejada, who highlighted that all the degree and master’s degrees of the UCM have renewed their accreditation, which highlights its “continued commitment to the improvement of training, teaching and research.”

The UCM provides its students with complementary training in 26 languages, “with absolute rigor”, something that can contribute to “make a difference” in their preparation, along with transversal competences.

Their data indicate that the UCM has 74,292 students, of which 55,372 are undergraduate and graduate degrees and 12,365 graduate; and, by branches, 15.23% of the students are from Arts and Humanities; 9.8% of Sciences; 20.36% of Health Sciences; 49.95% of Social and Legal Sciences; and 4.65% of Engineering.

“In the UCM, a student is not a number”, underlined Herreros de Tejada, vice-rector of this university since 2015, where he graduated and PhD in Psychology, with stays in Oxford (United Kingdom) and Michigan (United States), and the one that has been linked for more than 27 years. EFE


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A CD that puts Commissioner Salamanca in doubt: "Thanks to Carlos, the architect of everything"

The case shows that the businessman who calls himself 

pagafantas ” for making all kinds of gifts to Salamanca and Villarejo, known for being part of the ‘sewers of the State, paid 66,000 euros to produce an album of flamenco music by cantaora Marta Heredia , usually hired by Salamanca for the festivities of ‘Casa Piluca’. The commissioner denied it in his statement before Judge Diego de Egea and questions from the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office, but in the part of acknowledgments of the disc, which La Vanguardia has had access to, this version is questioned. However, in the case the signed contract in which this loan is approved, and to which this newspaper has also had access, has been provided.

This project was forged, one day, that one has a low, and the music is so beautiful

This project was forged, one day, that one has a low, and the music is so beautiful

that it opens your heart to take you to travel for free where one person least expects it. That day was so much the inspiration of the 3 people that we were in the restaurant Piluca, that they left the 9 subjects without hesitating at any moment “.

Marta Heredia shows her gratitude to those who have helped her: “This project would not have been possible if they had not collaborated and believed in it. Thanks to Carlos the architect of this whole project and the choirs he never made, but he was with his soul and live the embroideries of scarlet and gold. To Paco for his trust placed in me and make my dream come true, without you the 9 songs would not be recorded on 

But he also thanks Carlos’ friends, “and as not to those people who are the real ones who never fail to call Carlos, who are of friendship at heart like Ana 1, Isa, Marisol, Manuel, Santi, Hilario and Fernando (…) “. One of those mentioned is the “pagafantas” himself, whom he thanks for having helped financially to prepare the album.

According to the complainant’s version, he produced this CD entitled “La voz de café” of those songs that came out at a party at Casa Piluca because Salamanca asked him to do so. This businessman would have paid money, gifts and multiple gifts to both the commissar of Barajas and Villarejo in exchange for receiving a “vip” treatment for his bosses of an oil company from Equatorial Guinea at the entrance to the airport in Spain. In addition, he would have asked for 5 million euros a report on one of the family members who govern in that country and among which there is a family confrontation to achieve power.

“The important thing is not money, it’s values”

"The important thing is not money, it

But Salamanca denies such accusations, as it appears from his statement before the judge on April 25 and to which this newspaper has also had access. “I’ve always told him not to give money to absolutely nobody. The most important thing about people are values, not money. ” According to questions from the Prosecutor’s Office, the singer Marta Heredia and the guitarist Tito Losada had never sung at Casa Piluca, but had gone a couple of times to the parties he organized for the patron of the police at the airport.

“And what meals did you organize at Casa Piluca?” Asks the prosecutor. “In Casa Piluca he [Tito Losada] would arrive from time to time and he would sing. He logically saw where there could be a potential client. Because art people are looking for life as they can. But there he has not gone to sing. Another person named María Romero has gone, “he answered.

Judges, prosecutors and politicians in Piluca

Judges, prosecutors and politicians in Piluca

There are several court proceedings in which Casa Piluca is set up as a meeting place for judges, prosecutors, police officers, politicians and businessmen. According to several court recordings, it was the place where several of these people met to make relationships. One of those present was the ex-number 2 of Esperanza Aguirre in the Community of Madrid, Francisco Granados.

During the telephone interventions carried out by the Central Operational Unit (UCO) of the Civil Guard in the framework of the ‘Punic case’ and for which he was arrested and sent to prison in October 2014, Granados was intercepted and left to eat in this restaurant with José Luis Huerta, owner of Walter Music, one of the companies investigated for nourishing the plot in exchange for awards.

But Granados also stayed with Salamanca himself in this same place, as he told an intimate friend of his. “The food in the Piluca has been attended by, among others, the Ministry of the Interior and five judges of the National Court, like Judge Bermúdez,” he told him.

In those conversations, it is recorded how at least the ex-commissar of Barajas and Granados eat up to three times. One of the times they would do it with “the Armengol”. From that same summary, it was learned that the plot of Granados would have promised to help the son of the former dean of Madrid, José Luis González Armengol, through his wife.

The friends of Salamanca

The friends of Salamanca

Before being arrested in the ‘Operation Tandem’, the former commissar of Barajas had already been investigated by the Internal Affairs Unit of the Police and the framework of another matter, the ‘Operation Emperor’ against the Chinese mafia led by Gao Ping, to receive gifts from this one although it obtained that the National Hearing filed it. Of the conversations intervened to one of the members of the organization, Yongping Wu Liu, aka “Miguel el balvo”, also shows how he and Salamanca, with a recognized friendship, remained assiduously in this same restaurant.

In this matter another friendship was known. Precisely, after learning that the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor had requested the imputation of Salamanca to receive gifts from the organization of Gao Ping, the judge of the National Court that instructed the case, Fernando Andreu, had to abstain from the matter to recognize his friendship with Salamanca. The case was taken by another judge, Ismael Moreno, and after the file of the part that affected this commissioner, Andreu recovered the case.


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