Wednesday, September 17, 2008

10 easy and simple steps to set a table, the right way.

If you ask me is there a right way to set a table?, I would say No. So how to set a table? It all depends on you and your guests. It is relative, a few may agree with it and a few may argue. But, universally there is a preferred rather accepted way to set a table. It is better to know how to rather than make a fool of yourself before your guests. So here I go, with the so called right way to set a table.

1. Place a table cloth on your dining table.
2. Place the dinner plate about half an inch from the edge of the table.
3. To its immediate right, place the knife (blade facing inward)

4. Next to the knife comes the spoon.
5. Soup spoons can be placed right next to the spoon or can be placed above the plate, horizontally along with the dessert spoon.
6. The drinking glass and wine glass to be placed to your right,just above the knife.
7. The forks must be to your left. Fist, the salad fork and then the dinner fork near to the plate.
8. The napkin can be placed below the forks or can be made as a napkin rink or bow, to get your guests appreciation.
9. Bread plate goes above the forks.
10 Salad plates go immediately to the left of the forks.

Your basic table is set. Additionally, you may need to

1. Set out butter and butter knife on a small plate.

2. Make sure that the salt and pepper are at reachable place. Using the trendy hand grinders for freshly ground peppers add a rich look to your dining table.

Further decoration is your choice.

You can place a centerpiece like a flower vase to give your dining table a classy look. When using real flowers, be sure that they are fresh and smell good. You may have guests who are allergic to certain smells and flowers. Do consider!

You can also place candles and make the dinner special. Scented candles are appreciated. A candle light dinner is always a hit. A simple mild music during your candle light dinner is the best way to flatter your date.

Also have access to excess of tissues.

Enjoy your dinner!
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