Saturday, September 13, 2008

5 Blasts in 45 Minutes - Delhi horrified!

Another addition to the serial bomb blasts that are taking place recently in India. Following the bomb blasts in Jaipur,Ahmadabad and Bangalore, here comes Delhi as a victim to this disastrous event. 5 bombs in 45 minutes, with a time gap of less than 10 minutes. 90 people are injured and 20 dead! The number may increase.

Initial investigations tell that this follows the same pattern as that of the other recent serial bombs. These bombs are targeted for psychological damage rather than mere life loss. They have also found that the bombs are of made of similar material as that of the other recent ones.

Government has not yet come to a conclusion about the source for this bomb blast and investigations have begun. They have found that this operation is called 'BAD' - Bangalore, Ahmadabad and now Delhi.

The first explosion was reported at Karol Bagh (Gaffar Market). Second blast was reported in Central Park of Connaught Place near The famous Pallika Bazaar Market followed by a third blast in GK’s M-Block market and two blasts at Barakhamba Road.

3 diffused (Thank god! we have to thank the bomb squad for doing such great work!) which includes one near India Gate and one near Children's Park.

Having said this, there is a untold threat in people living at Chennai, Bombay and Calcutta. They may be targeted next.

When will this come to an end?

Watch the video response for this horrifying event

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