Thanks for stopping by. I am Sangeeth Raghunathan. I am an Indian living in the US. I started blogging in 2006 but I somehow could not continue. After an year, I started a food blog Art of cooking Indian food which lured me into blogging and now I am a full time blogger. I love sharing my views to my readers.

My food blog restricted me from writing anything non-food related. However, I wanted to share a lot of things with my reader and to make this happen I started this new blog Scribbling Scribe.

I am an B.E graduate and was born in Chennai,India. As it has become a trend to join the IT field after completing the engineering course, I did not want to be a trend breaker and so joined WIPRO Technologies and served for 4 yrs. After getting married to the most wonderful person in the whole world, Mr.Kumar, I thought why waste time going to office, when you can do wonders from home? Yes! I quit my job and now a full time homemaker trying out new things. I love cooking and crocheting. They have become a part of my life.

Hoping to share a lot through this blog and if you do not want to miss even a single post, do subscribe to my blog. You won't regret.

Mainly I have categorized my blog topics as,

Blogging Tips - Both Technical and Functional

Money Making - The different ways to make money online. Mainly work from home.

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I am planning to write a FAQ column soon to address more queries. Wait for it!

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