Saturday, September 13, 2008

How to lose weight from home -Join me here!

Do you feel you are overweight? Have you tried many ways and still not happy with your weight? Do you follow diets and exercise to lose weight? If Yes, you have found the right companion. I am in a mission here. I am a little overweight and I need to lose weight before getting pregnant. I am not ashamed of being overweight. But I do want to be physically fit.

Many a times I used to wonder why I need to reduce my weight. I am all beautiful the way I look now, atleast for me and my husband. But, medically obesity and overweight leads to many problem. Most of the women gain weight after marriage and after pregnancy. Men may be due to genetic problem or over eating. I am not here to advice people to follow diets and exercise. I am not a doctor. If you are here looking for medical advice, I am sorry. I am not the person for it.

My main motto of writing this post is to encourage people to join me in reducing their weight and becoming fit. What do I get in return? The encouragement and the determination from you to reduce my weight. Yes! I have tried many a times to hit the gym. I have also been successful in being regular to gym. But, if you ask me how you did it. I can say, without any hesitation, that it was because I had a company to gym. My friends were there to spend time with me and chat during our gym time which made me feel that going to gym is not a chore. I enjoyed being at gym.

So with a little encouragement and a good companion we can reduce weight in no time. Through this post, I openly call for my friends to join me in reducing weight.

The Goal: To reduce atleast 20 lbs in 2 months, it is always best to have realistic goals. We can't reduce weight overnight.

Duration: 15 Sep'08 to 15 Nov'08


1. Anyone can join me by leaving a comment in this post.
2. You can be Male or Female
3. You have to share your daily updates here by leaving a comment on that particular day's update post.

The updates must have
- Your starting weight
- Your weekly weight must be updated every Sunday
- your exercise plan for the day, need not be GYM but can also be those you do at home
- your diet for the day
- Any extra steps you are taking to achieve this

4. The main rule is "Be honest". You are doing this for your good.
5. You can join during any day between 15th Sept and 15th Nov. But, continue for two months from the day you started and share your updates with us by leaving comments.

If you have a blog, do write your updates as a post daily and link back to this page so that we can get more friends to join us. Also let me know about your updates by leaving a comment in my day's update so that I can add all your updates to it by linking to your post.

If you do not have a blog, you can share your updates by leaving comments on daily update post that I will be writing.

I will be writing a post daily about the updates. If you want to add anything to this event do let me know.

By this way we can encourage ourselves to achieve our goal with ease. Let me know if you have any questions in this regard by writing to scribblingsangeeth AT gmail DOT com

Also join me in Twitter so that we can share live updates.

Can you be my Gym companion? Waiting to hear from you.
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Divya said...

Everybody struggles with their body image at some point or the other in life. I have too. You are heading in the right path. Sometimes it is just not about being heavy, it has more to do with self image, consiciousness, confidence and how we all decide to lead our lifestyle.
I dont believe in diets. The only thing I do believe is exercise, and keeping fit with some form of it.
So good luck with it. And company does make working out enjoyable, but take your ipod or a book to read (if you can do that). It is about you, and I am sure you can. Do it only for yourself! :)

Divya said...

Oh and congrats on your new blog... I am liking it, adding you to my "follow" list.

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