September 16, 2008

Top 10 Social Networking Sites for a Foodie/ Food Blog

Don't we all love Myspace, facebook and Orkut? Atleast I do. The social networking sites helps me to find new friends not only friends, it helps me to meet foodies. Foodies are people who love to cook, eat, visit restaurants etc i.e those who love to do anything related to food. Most of the foodies share their experience with others through theirs blogs. This helps us gain knowledge on various other cuisines. But, it is really hard to locate a foodie in a large group of social network which lead to social networks for a niche.

Social Networking is the best way to communicate with people of your niche and if you want to drive your blog's traffic. Blogs have become very famous now a days. 1 in every 5 blog is a food blog. Wow! it really is huge. How to get to know these foodies? How to introduce them to your blog? The answer is through social network.

Networking is the best way to increase traffic to your website. Making new friends not only increases your traffic but also you get a "real friend". I know people who have had great friends through social network with whom they even share their personal problems. hmm... now you are getting the impact of social networks. Good. Why wait. Let me introduce you to the top 10 social networking sites for foodies/Food Blog.(Not in any order)

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Group Recipes
Open Source Food
Food Candy

I do not want to stop this post with only 10. So here are some of my favorites.

Must Love Food
Great Cooks Community
Leftover Queen Forum
Food Network

Some of the other food communities,

Nefood - The Northeast Food and Farm Network (NEFOOD) is a project of the Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Working Group (NESAWG). It’s a place where people and groups from the Northeast can connect and work together to build a vibrant regional food system.

Dancing Spoon
Must Love Food
Serious Eats

For Indian foodies,

Sulekha Food

For Wine Lovers,

Must love Wine

For mothers,

Foodie Mama

For Italian foodies,


My suggestion would be to join in your favorite social networking community. It may be 2 or 3 or more as per your wish and be active in those. There is no point in joining in all and forgetting them, as you forget the chores your wife gives you. You got to be active. Be it for traffic or for friends.

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Is it all? Have I covered them all? If you know any other social network/community for foodie do share it with us.


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