November 06, 2008

Am I so emotionally attached to my blogs?

Sometimes I think, what would have been my life if I was in India now. May be I would have become a project lead in one of the MNC and earning may be few thousands with the job security issue always haunting my mind. Coming to the US was good in one way. I had to quit my job, which I don't regret at all. I am able to do something I love - Blogging.

Blogging was very new to me when I came to the US last year. The first few months of my stay in the US was real fun. Get up,make lunch,watch TV,sleep. This was pretty much what I did. But started to feel very useless. So I started to blog about recipes in my food blog. Basically, shared what I cooked daily. When I saw the response from other food bloggers (mainly who were at home doing the same thing as me), I knew I had found my thing!

Oh! there is a whole world out there like me reaching out for poeple. This is when I found Blogging interesting and my cup of tea. Now I have grown pretty much in blogging world. Learnt a lot of things from others and also sometimes shared my learnings. All went fine. But...

One day I realized that I am was completely obsessed by blogging. I started to eat,walk,talk blogging. Started to avoid my regular duties which I am supposed to do as a homemaker. And the worst part is I got very disappointed if I do not get a comment in my blog. Those were days. Now I am pretty much under control. But few things bother me a lot.

As a food blogger, I know how difficult it is to run a blog. Take pictures, cook, post and blog about them with your personal touch. But, there are food blogs out there which just give the recipe without taking pictures OR giving it a personal touch. Makes it more like a website, but a blog? It makes me feel that they are just copying the recipe from someother site/book and sharing it with the rest of the world. Few bloggers copy other's hard work and post it like it is theirs(pathetic).

There are no rules as far as food blogging is concerned, excepting the copyright rules. I know that. But why am I offended by these activities?Am I emotionally attached to my blog? Should I change or Am I right? Can anyone help me figure out?

Note: I was writing few posts in Tamil in this blog and figured it would be more suitable if I have separate blog for Tamil posts so I have changed my blogging style. Anyone who would like to follow my Tamil posts, please follow my Tamil blog.


anudivya said...

Sangeeth, my two cents...
I agree with you that blogs are more personalized, but there might be people who would want to write a blog without having the resources they need to make it look more appealing. Hence the lack of photos etc.

If I knew someone was lifting content from my blog, I would raise the issue where it needs to be and seek other bloggers support. I think there is a wonderful resource on a blog somewhere (can't find the link right now) on what to do if you become a victim of plagiarism.

Plagiarism is a whole 'nother issue, and these people are not worth talking about.

And no, there is nothing wrong about feeling protective about your blog. Everyone does, and fight when needed.

Sangeeth said...

Thanks anu...I never realized that there could be people with no access to resources....well said!

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