November 25, 2008

Black Friday - What is your plan?

Black Friday - The day after 'Thanksgiving'. I really don't know why people call it 'Black Friday'. It must be called 'Green Friday' as most of our greens(money) will be out! This is my second Black Friday and I am looking forward to it. Last time it was more like a newbie excitement. We went to the stores, watched how crazy could people go for a product when it comes cheap. I didn't know the value then. Now you might find me as one among those crazy people.

Last year we did not buy anything big. I just got a sewing machine at Walmart and found out that I could have got it for the same price even after 1 week! LOL! - This is what I call Newbie excitement. Sad that I had to sell the m/c. Sobs! Anyways, this year it is little different.

We have plans to buy few electronic items and few other items which comes for a good deal. You can have a look at this year's (2008) Black Friday Deals here.The shops in our mind are

Office Depot
Best Buy

This is the list as of now. Don't know if it will increase or decrease. Some of the items in our wish list,

TV (I have been living without TV for the past 4 months and I can't take it anymore!)
Microwave oven- (My M/W oven broke and it is the right time to get a new one and make me lazy)
All-in-one Printer (Just to show off! and also I love to take printouts of my fav recipes)
Shoes -(Poor Husband, he is wearing torn shoe right now!, a must buy)
Some kitchen items (how can I say a no to Kitchen Items!)

I hope the list grows but it all depends on the budget too! oh lord! when can we all live a financially free life? hmm...waiting for that day to come.

Anyways, for all those who are shopping on Black Friday - Enjoy and I hope you get all you wished for. So what is in your list? Share with us so that we can all be informed with a great deal for that product!


anudivya said...

That list looks promising!
I have no list this year :(

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