November 18, 2008

Jodi No 1 season 3 Semi finals - Judgement Sucked!

I am a big fan of 'Jodi No 1' from the day 1. I have been following from season 1 and will keep following however the quality of the program goes. Mainly because, Jodi No1 and Kana Kanum Kalangal are the only 2 Programs I watch regularly. At times Neeya Naana, but it all depends on the topic discussed. All are Vijay TV programs. No partiality, but only few programs are worth watching now a days. Majority of the TV programs have no quality and is full of crap.

Coming back to jodi no 1. I was eagerly waiting for the semi finals. I watch it in a website where they upload the full episode. Most of the times, I watch the judgment first and then the full program. You see, I am a bit impatient when it comes to the results. But this time when I saw the results, which was 'No Elimination' as usual, I was pissed. People! it is semi finals and we expect elimination! There must be some drive in the program for the audience to watch it and love it.

One of the judges were missing and I personally feel, only she does justice. But you'll never know. The next important factor was dance. As the guest judge said, all the 3 dances in the second round were horrible and especially Tinku's. He never danced and you can't give Bagyaraj as an excuse. This makes it obvious that Tinku did not practice and he accepted that too. After all this, I find no reason for giving a second chance to Tinku.They must have gotten eliminated and should have proved themselves in the wild card to enter the finals.

This is not the first time Tinku messed up the show, I don't know the real reason but when it comes to judgement and if it was a day when Tinku messed, the obvious judgement is 'No elimination' and it sucks to watch such prejudice decisions. Grow up people!

When the judges keep messing the judgement due to partisanship, the program lose its quality. Vijay Tv has worked really hard for proving its quality and incidents like these add to the negativity of the channel and c'mon if it is a competition there must be elimination. Producers and directors of Vijay TV do something before its too late!

I am not a person who is emotionally attached to these kind of judgments and programs, but this really pissed me off! If you are new to this program, this is what I am talking about.


anudivya said...

Girl, you are pretty passionate, aren't you? He he he.
Good thing I have not watched this program before, or I will be venting all my anger too! :)

Sangeeth said...

yes I am.. and this a very good way of venting out!

Usha Sudharsan said...

It was a very good drama in the semi finals..
i think more drama is to come soon


Even I watch only these two programs in Vijay TV. Definitely, Jodi no.1 semifinals judgment suck big time. Tinku is not worth dancing in finals. He sucked. They gave lame excuse and the judges took it and finally 'No Elimination'. Man1 I lost interest watching this program now...

Ashwini said...

Even I was annoyed with the decision!!! No elimination suckss!!!

Tinku and santhoshi should not be in the finals coz they are stuck with concepts and no innovative ideas!!!

I hope they dont win!!!

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