December 04, 2008

Airtel Super Singer 2008 - Medley Round

I must say, Airtel Super Singer 2007 was the best! Each and every participant were worth listening to. Extraordinary talent and it was difficult for the judges and for the public to select "the one". Surprisingly, Airtel super singer 2008 is a waste of time. If you are following this program, you would know what I am taking about.

When the media hosts reality programs, we expect few things as audience. This includes the drama. But when it goes beyond our tolerance level, that is were we get frustrated and quit watching these shows. This year's Airtel super singer is one such program. Of course Jodi No 1 stands first in the list!

I am passionate about Dance and Music. I know there will be certain amount of partiality in such programs. But, look at them! Do they even watch these programs themselves? Partiality is the key factor in determining the winner and not talent. Even if we voice out our opinion, we still look to them as pathetic viewers, who bring them advertising money!

Why do they even keep a competition? It is so obvious that among this year's contestants only Ravi deserves to be the Airtel Super Singer! There were others like Deepshika who got eliminated already. Renu's Voice is awesome. But I doubt her progress as Raginishri is still in the competition. Oh wait! It is not because Ragini is an awesome singer. But it is because she is the most favorite of the judges and even if she sings bad, the judges would be more than happy to keep her in the program.

In the last week's contest, which is the Medley round, honestly I felt Raginishri and Santhosh were the weakest. Especially Ragini as she gasped for breath and was shaky in many places. But Aruna, Rohit and Deepshika were nominated for elimination and finally little deepshika was eliminated. Why this partisanship? Yes, Deepshika did not give her best. But Ragini was worse than that! We all have ears! We can find out!

Though this program's judgement doesn't affect me as that of Jodi no 1, it does make me question the need of such programs. Why to waste so much money and time on something which is already decided?

Do you think Deepshika should be brought back? - Which I guess would never happen even if we protest!

When do you think Ragini, if at all, will get eliminated? - Which I think will be in the finals where we need to vote! LOL!

With this note, I would congratulate Ravi for his awesome performance. Especially the Udaya song was an "experience" as Sujatha said!

For those to whom this is like greek and latin, check the official website if interested.


anudivya said...

I am heading to the official website! I have no idea what you are talking about... he he he.


Your and my view are similar towards the program...though most of the people know abt raginisri's part;D
And ravi's udhaya song was a piece to remember ever...!

magi said...

i like rahini sree's classical round very much...cha wht at talent...if u watch the mail rahini hats off.. to u da.. all the best for ur songful future......

Velumani, Coimbatoresaid...

Yes. - Mr. Ravi is the Air Tel Super Singer 2008. No doubt in it. I appreciate his humbleness after his performance at all times.

I wish him all the very best.

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