December 02, 2008

Welcome Home!

With all the craziness during this Thanksgiving, I calmly welcome my new kitchen friends home. Yey! finally I got my Microwave oven and Rice cooker. Kinda excited. We couldn't make it on Black Friday morning as my husband fell ill. But he was very sweet to take me shopping in the evening. Or may be he knew what would have happened if I was not taken shopping that day. Anyway, I did shopping on Black Friday. Doesn't matter morning or evening.

We got Microwave from Kohls and Rice Cooker from Costco. Not major deals but not bad. Started cooking with these and have already become more lazy. These Kitchen electronic appliances do pamper us one way or the other. May be we must ask some one to host a debate on this topic. Hmm...

So here is my new microwave oven. hey! its me taking picture...ha! what a technology...picture in picture..


anudivya said...

You are so sweet! ha ha ha. Yeah the picture in picture looks very cute...
I am glad you got hold of all the kitchen gadgets you wanted... I am happy for you.
So now, will we get to see more amazing recipes from you?
Hey Sangeeth, don't forget to try the microwave therttipaal recipe, now that you have a microwave... I will be waiting to hear from you.

Sangeeth said...

thanks for reminding anu...will surely try n let u know :)

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