Month: March 2019

Consumer Loan, What it is and why it is worth knowing

On December 18, 2011, the new Consumer Credit Act of May 12, 2011 entered into force (Journal of Laws No. 126, item 715), replacing the previous one with the same title from 2001. If you plan to incur in the near future loan or credit, it is worth familiarizing with the solutions introduced by this […]

Call for Compromise – What is it about? | Debt Consolidation

You have been challenged to negotiate with the creditor new terms of repayment of the liability, remember that if you do not appear at the meeting, the limitation period for your debt will be charged again.You did not repay the loan on time and you got a call for a compromise? Negotiate with the creditor […]

Micro loans over the internet up to PLN 8,000 – Online microcredit

Cash on the internet offered by Chesloan Cash is the simplest and fastest solution to financial problems. Importantly, they are perfect not only for private individuals, but also for companies. The attractiveness of our microloans is affected not only by the large range of available amounts: from PLN 100 to PLN 8,000, but also an […]