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A CD that puts Commissioner Salamanca in doubt: "Thanks to Carlos, the architect of everything"

The case shows that the businessman who calls himself 

pagafantas ” for making all kinds of gifts to Salamanca and Villarejo, known for being part of the ‘sewers of the State, paid 66,000 euros to produce an album of flamenco music by cantaora Marta Heredia , usually hired by Salamanca for the festivities of ‘Casa Piluca’. The commissioner denied it in his statement before Judge Diego de Egea and questions from the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office, but in the part of acknowledgments of the disc, which La Vanguardia has had access to, this version is questioned. However, in the case the signed contract in which this loan is approved, and to which this newspaper has also had access, has been provided.

This project was forged, one day, that one has a low, and the music is so beautiful

This project was forged, one day, that one has a low, and the music is so beautiful

that it opens your heart to take you to travel for free where one person least expects it. That day was so much the inspiration of the 3 people that we were in the restaurant Piluca, that they left the 9 subjects without hesitating at any moment “.

Marta Heredia shows her gratitude to those who have helped her: “This project would not have been possible if they had not collaborated and believed in it. Thanks to Carlos the architect of this whole project and the choirs he never made, but he was with his soul and live the embroideries of scarlet and gold. To Paco for his trust placed in me and make my dream come true, without you the 9 songs would not be recorded on 

But he also thanks Carlos’ friends, “and as not to those people who are the real ones who never fail to call Carlos, who are of friendship at heart like Ana 1, Isa, Marisol, Manuel, Santi, Hilario and Fernando (…) “. One of those mentioned is the “pagafantas” himself, whom he thanks for having helped financially to prepare the album.

According to the complainant’s version, he produced this CD entitled “La voz de café” of those songs that came out at a party at Casa Piluca because Salamanca asked him to do so. This businessman would have paid money, gifts and multiple gifts to both the commissar of Barajas and Villarejo in exchange for receiving a “vip” treatment for his bosses of an oil company from Equatorial Guinea at the entrance to the airport in Spain. In addition, he would have asked for 5 million euros a report on one of the family members who govern in that country and among which there is a family confrontation to achieve power.

“The important thing is not money, it’s values”

"The important thing is not money, it

But Salamanca denies such accusations, as it appears from his statement before the judge on April 25 and to which this newspaper has also had access. “I’ve always told him not to give money to absolutely nobody. The most important thing about people are values, not money. ” According to questions from the Prosecutor’s Office, the singer Marta Heredia and the guitarist Tito Losada had never sung at Casa Piluca, but had gone a couple of times to the parties he organized for the patron of the police at the airport.

“And what meals did you organize at Casa Piluca?” Asks the prosecutor. “In Casa Piluca he [Tito Losada] would arrive from time to time and he would sing. He logically saw where there could be a potential client. Because art people are looking for life as they can. But there he has not gone to sing. Another person named María Romero has gone, “he answered.

Judges, prosecutors and politicians in Piluca

Judges, prosecutors and politicians in Piluca

There are several court proceedings in which Casa Piluca is set up as a meeting place for judges, prosecutors, police officers, politicians and businessmen. According to several court recordings, it was the place where several of these people met to make relationships. One of those present was the ex-number 2 of Esperanza Aguirre in the Community of Madrid, Francisco Granados.

During the telephone interventions carried out by the Central Operational Unit (UCO) of the Civil Guard in the framework of the ‘Punic case’ and for which he was arrested and sent to prison in October 2014, Granados was intercepted and left to eat in this restaurant with José Luis Huerta, owner of Walter Music, one of the companies investigated for nourishing the plot in exchange for awards.

But Granados also stayed with Salamanca himself in this same place, as he told an intimate friend of his. “The food in the Piluca has been attended by, among others, the Ministry of the Interior and five judges of the National Court, like Judge Bermúdez,” he told him.

In those conversations, it is recorded how at least the ex-commissar of Barajas and Granados eat up to three times. One of the times they would do it with “the Armengol”. From that same summary, it was learned that the plot of Granados would have promised to help the son of the former dean of Madrid, José Luis González Armengol, through his wife.

The friends of Salamanca

The friends of Salamanca

Before being arrested in the ‘Operation Tandem’, the former commissar of Barajas had already been investigated by the Internal Affairs Unit of the Police and the framework of another matter, the ‘Operation Emperor’ against the Chinese mafia led by Gao Ping, to receive gifts from this one although it obtained that the National Hearing filed it. Of the conversations intervened to one of the members of the organization, Yongping Wu Liu, aka “Miguel el balvo”, also shows how he and Salamanca, with a recognized friendship, remained assiduously in this same restaurant.

In this matter another friendship was known. Precisely, after learning that the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor had requested the imputation of Salamanca to receive gifts from the organization of Gao Ping, the judge of the National Court that instructed the case, Fernando Andreu, had to abstain from the matter to recognize his friendship with Salamanca. The case was taken by another judge, Ismael Moreno, and after the file of the part that affected this commissioner, Andreu recovered the case.


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