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Endesa launches the third edition of its mobility plan for employees that facilitates the purchase of electric cars

Image result for Endesa launches the third edition of its mobility plan for employees that facilitates the purchase of electric carsAndalusia and Extremadura represent 15% of sales of electric vehicles to individuals within the Endesa mobility plan


Endesa has launched the third edition of its mobility plan for employees with the aim of repeating the success of previous editions in which 15 percent of the company’s workers in Andalusia and Extremadura have purchased an electric vehicle for private use.

In total, in Spain 274 employees of Endesa have joined the Mobility Plan, which represents about seven percent of sales of the entire national market of electric cars, hence in this third edition is expected to double this figure , according to a company note.

In the first two editions of the Endesa Mobility Plan, vehicles purchased by employees have already traveled more than three million kilometers, avoiding the emission of more than 600 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year.

The new edition of the sustainable mobility plan again includes agreements with different electric car manufacturers, although it is the employee who chooses among the eight models that are being offered. All models are one hundred percent electric, with approved autonomies that already reach more than 300 kilometers in some cases.

The plan allows choosing between the modality of purchase or renting, with everything included (vehicle, maintenance and insurance). In this third edition, two modalities are offered: all-inclusive renting contracts for 24 months or a revolving credit, which means avoiding additional costs and, above all, the possibility of returning the vehicle at the end of the contract to overcome the obsolescence barrier technological

To promote the electric vehicle, the company once again gives preference to electric vehicles in the parking lot of its corporate headquarters and, in addition, participants can again choose an economic incentive given by the company for collaboration in the dissemination of the plan. In this regard, in Andalusia and Extremadura, the company has already installed eight recharging points in its different locations.

The employees will have the support of the project office created from the first edition to attend all requests for information and accompany the employee during the process.

The company also offers its employees and the public in general facilities for the acquisition of a domestic recharging point through the Integral Electric Vehicle Solution that allows the installation, maintenance, warranty and financing thereof.

The mobility plan for employees has been associated since its inception the installation of recharging infrastructure in the main headquarters of the company. Both in the headquarters of Madrid and Seville there is an exclusive parking of electric vehicles with access to emergency semi-rapid chargers. In addition, there is installed (also in Barcelona) a fast charging point, valid for any model of vehicle with which the employee can charge 80 percent of the battery in less than 20 minutes.

The plan is part of Endesa’s strategy to decarbonize the economy, replacing the use of fossil fuels with others of renewable origin. In this process, electricity is fundamental – the electrification of demand – since its final use has zero emissions.

The implementation of this plan and its success among Endesa employees has been recognized in various areas, such as having been selected as a 2016 Climate Project by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment in recognition of its contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions.


In the same strategic framework, Endesa aims for 2019 to optimize and electrify its vehicle fleet. Among the challenges for the next three years stand out triple the number of electric vehicles in the fleet; consolidate the presence of hybrid vehicles, with a percentage higher than 17 percent, and also reduce the combustion fleet by 14 percent. All this will mean a reduction of emissions of ten percent in 2019, compared to 2016.

Since 2010, Endesa has multiplied by four the number of pure electric vehicles used in professional work. Throughout 2017, more units will be added, reaching a hundred electric vehicles at the end of the year. Endesa also has, since 2008, the largest fleet of hybrid vehicles in Spain: 450 units. Each vehicle of these characteristics emits one ton of carbon dioxide less per year than a diesel engine car.

To this is added, in addition, a new plan that has just launched the company to electrify the fleet of vehicles representing their managers. The goal is that in 2020 four out of ten vehicles in this segment are hybrids or one hundred percent electric.

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