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The processing time of credit requests to Maxicredit is very short and therefore Maxicredit usually pays off quickly. However, a quick payment only takes place when all documents are available and collateral and payslips are available. If banks are still tied to inflexible and bureaucratic structures, privately managed service providers can often go faster until the money arrives at the customer. So, how long do you need to keep and use the money from this Maxicredit loan? The information must be provided truthfully by the applicant in order to ensure fast and reliable loan processing.

When do I get a decision from Maxicredit?

When do I get a decision from Maxicredit?

Another key factor in applying for a loan from an independent credit broker is its speed. If credit institutions still stick to rigid and unbureaucratic structures, private providers can often go faster until the capital arrives at the end customer. So how long do you need to have Maxicredit’s loan?

Sometimes, as a candidate, it depends a lot on you how quickly you get the necessary documents together. The clerk will send you by e-mail the information which documents are needed for a credit memo request. Once all the documents have been completed and the credit application has been signed, send it all together to the Maxicredit agents who will complete your order on the same working day.

When processing your loan application, you should rely on “loan with credit information” with a real delivery time of about four days! For non-refundable loans over $ 3,500, the term can take up to 7 days. Is the Maxicredit Loan also available to retirees and older people? A sure result is indispensable for the Maxicredit loan!

credit check

credit check

Before the granting of the loan, a credit check is carried out at the time of application. A so-called credit check is carried out. A sufficient creditworthiness of the borrower is a prerequisite for the proper repayment of a loan. In the case of retail loans and mortgage lending, lenders generally check the creditworthiness of the borrower by means of a credit check on the basis of a statement of income and expenditure showing the borrower’s available equity.

For the determination of the pledgeable income share in connection with a credit check, the monthly expenses are deducted from the income that can be permanently earned; the variance is the available monthly disposable income that can be used to pay the loan installments. This is the lower, the lower the default risk and the greater the likelihood of a credit decision after the credit check.

For self-employed with irregular income, a much larger credit check is used instead of a credit check by type and maturity. The credit check no longer only checks the solvency of the borrower on a specific balance sheet date, but records, evaluates and evaluates all influencing factors and factors that may affect the proper repayment of the loan in accordance with 18 Banking Act.

Other forms of credit, such as Lombard loans and advance loans, are essentially based on the provision of valuable collateral by the borrower in the credit check or credit assessment, whereby securities refinanced by the loan or inventories can also be used as collateral or the repayment of the loan installments from the sale of these loans Portfolios can take place at the same time.

The informative value of the information on the economic situation of the borrower is the higher, the more timely and extensive the default risk is. The credit check (short: credit check) is defined in 18 of the German Banking Act and is applicable to loans above 10% of the liable capital or a maximum of USD 750,000. The Borrower is required to provide all necessary information and to provide all necessary evidence during a credit check.

The Banking Act obliges institutions to observe certain principles in the credit assessment. The principle of adequacy of risk establishes that the lending business is directly related to the extent of the credit applicant’s disclosure requirements. The greater the risk of default, the greater the risk of default, the greater the requirement on the borrower, and the greater the risk of default, the greater the borrower’s obligation to provide information about his economic position.

The traceability of the credit check procedure means a precise and complete documentation of the overall process and the greatest possible process transparency. In accordance with the principle of completeness, institutions must obtain all documents and other supporting documents required for the due and complete execution of the credit check on the basis of detailed data and data.

In the case of companies, this can be the current balance sheet and the income statement; for private customers, a detailed self-assessment of assets, income and current expenses is usually required. For example, it is often possible to get loans by meeting certain conditions, even with low income. As financial transactions are fundamentally a matter of confidence, a detailed consultation between the parties to the contract can significantly increase the chances of a positive credit decision.

The credit check is also fast and bureaucratic. If the credit check leads to a positive result, we arrange a loan agreement with one of the many credit institutions where we can provide you with high quality terms. If these conditions are not met, a positive credit decision can still be taken if the client can name a liquid guarantor.

When arranging loans with and without credit bureau registration, we have years of experience and usually solve even difficult cases.

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